Parent and Child Fostering

Parent and Child Fostering

On this page you will find guidance relating to the Parent and Child Fostering Scheme.

Referral Information and Forms

  1. Criteria for Initial Referrals
  2. Referral Form
  3. Risk Assessment and Management Plan
  4. Leaflet for Professionals
  5. Leaflet for Parents
  6. Reasons for not accepting a referral
  7. Information for Legal Professionals and Courts


Recruitment of New Carers

  1. Leaflet for Foster Carers
  2. Task Description
  3. Person Specification
  4. Expression of Interest Form
  5. Application Form
  6. Supervising Social Worker Reference for Applicants Form
  7. Form F Addendum OR Report for a Foster Carer's Review


 Placement Planning and Review

  1. Business Process Map
  2. Placement Planning Meeting
  3. Risk Assessment Tool
  4. Placement Agreement
  5. Parenting Assessment Template
  6. Post Placement Carer's Review Meeting
  7. Review Meeting Template
  8. Placing Social Worker Feedback Form
  9. Parent Feedback Form
  10. The Roll of CAFCASS


Foster Carer Reporting Templates

  1. Daily Recording Template 
  2. Weekly Recording Template
  3. Review Report Template


Outreach Support Worker Information



  1. Payments to Support or for Holding Foster Carers
  2. Consortium Protocol for Sharing Carers


Learning Together - My Baby and Me Folder Resources

  1. My Story
  2. Parent's Workbook
  3. Baby and Childcare Information
  4. Front Cover for Folder
  5. Spine of Folder
  6. Spare Copy - Parent's Workbook, Weekly Recording Pages
  7. Spare Copy - Parent's Workbook, Budgeting Pages
  8. Spare Copy - Parent's Workbook, Parent's Report Sheets
  9. Spare Copy - Parent's Workbook, Where do I go from here pages