Remand Fostering

On this page you will find guidance relating to the Remand Fostering Scheme.


Referral Information and Forms

1. Referral form

2. Initial Risk Assessment Checklist

3. Remand Briefing for Professionals


Recruitment of New Carers

1. Information pack for foster carers

2. Person Specification

3. Job description

4. Expression of Interest Form

5. Foster Carers Contract

6. Remand Foster Carers Agreement

7. Foster Carers Assessment - Additional Questions


Placement Planning and Review

1. Placement Planning Meeting

2. Asset Risk Assessment

3. Roles and Responsibilities

4. Health Guidance

5. Protocol for supervising and supporting young people on remand


Outreach Support Worker Information

1. Basic information about arrangements

2. Person Specification

3. Written Agreement

4. Outreach Worker

5. Report Format



1. Payments to Foster Carers

2. Income Tax Advice for Foster Carers